Preserve the memories of your loved one forever. Share the memories of your loved one with future generations – your children and your children’s children, to let them know, who grandma or grandpa was and how much they were loved by others.
Hear and see, as often as you want, beautiful testimonials from family and friends.
Helps in the healing process – even though you may not be able to view the video or listen to the audio immediately, months or years down the road you will be able to watch the video and be comforted by realizing how much your loved one was loved by others, and the positive influence they had on so many people’s lives.

"When I retired from funeral service four years ago, we had been preparing Tribute Videos for use at visitations and funerals for some time. They were very well received by families and visitors and still are. Funeral homes that aren't producing high quality videos in house should look into Lasting Memories Videos.

They are first class!"

Experience the service in the privacy of your own home, by yourself or with other family members, at any time you choose.
Experience the service after you’ve had time to rest and rejuvenate from all the stress, numbness, and emotion, experienced while preparing for the funeral as well as the funeral day itself.
See and hear portions of the service that you may not have been able to experience on that day (i.e. you had to leave the room due to overwhelming emotion, or needed to tend to a child, or were feeling ill, or simply couldn’t hear or see the speakers, etc.)
Share the service with friends and family around the world over the internet with our optional LIVE STREAMING SERVICE via a private, password protected website (provided to you by Lasting Memories).
Please don’t hesitate to contact Tim Flannagan at Lasting Memories (423) 366-0159 to set up a FREE consultation.

At Lasting Memories we understand the incredibly difficult time you are going through right now. Please be assured that we are sensitive to your needs, respect your privacy, and sincerely care about you and your family during this difficult time.

"Why record a funeral service?"

For family and friends who cannot attend the service in person, due to schedule, distance, illness, travel restrictions, cost, time, emotional distress, shock, military service (serving overseas), family or work obligations, etc.

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